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Café Quijano is a Spanish pop rock band formed by three brothers, Manuel, Óscar, and Raúl Quijano, all of whom are singers. The brothers are originally from León, along with their father, who ran a musical pub called "La Lola" in the city centre, which gave name to one of their most well-known songs. Apart from publishing four successful albums, they presented galas, collaborated with Disney for soundtracks, and worked on a project with Castilla y León's image to promote tourism to the region.

Their third album was a big success and it sold 500,000 units while their debut album was released in Spain and Mexico only, where it sold 75,000 and 45,000 units.

Throughout its history, the band has collaborated with artists such as the outstanding Cuban musician Pancho Amat on their debut album. Olga Tañon sings with them in "La Taberna del Buda", and on their last production, they sang with Joaquín Sabina and Celine Dion.

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