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Carlos Damián Rodríguez (13 January 1972) is an Argentinean musician, artist and songwriter, famous as part of the hardcore punk band Fun People and who is currently in the band Boom Boom Kid. Also known by various aliases as: Nekro, Boom Boom Kid, and Il Carlo. He has released several CDs, DVDs, records and books.

Born in Campana, Argentina, he has been a vegetarian since the age 17. His first concert was on 26 July 1989. In 1995, he released the record Anestesia and went on tour with the band Fun People, made up by Carlos Rodríguez (vocals), Lucas Elizald Sequeira (guitar), Dario López (bass), Marcelo Vidal (drums). His works are translated into Spanish and English, and in many cases both interchangeably. He also performs acoustic solo shows playing the guitar.