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The TasteDive team has combed through and highlighted music artists from the 2021 Grammy nominations across some of the main categories. The Grammys adjusted its structure this year, most notably by increasing the voting membership by 2,300 and adjusting the process to address concerns about diversity. They also published guidelines for the first time to ensure the process was more transparent and inclusive. Without further ado, here is the list -
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People who like Billie Eilish (Music)

User image: Alissa Wilbanks-Moore
Alissa Wilbanks-Moore @alissawilbanks-moore
User image: Maëva B
Maëva B @bensaid.maeva
Alei Kraznokov @aksikehem
User image: James Prince
James Prince @llance322
Taylena @shivangi.aga138
User image: Denise Abrera
Denise Abrera @deniseabrera
User image: Apornandita Ray
Apornandita Ray @apornanditaray
User image: Siyabonga Robben Nene
Siyabonga Robben Nene @siyabongarobbennene
User image: Hanns2008
Hanns2008 @hannah.oxon
User image: Lauren Jones
Lauren Jones @laurenwilliamsjones919
User image: Mickey James
Mickey James @jamesmickey59
User image: Alaa Gamal
Alaa Gamal @alaagamal

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User image: Melanie
Melanie @melaniemaley2006
User image: Bob Pinson
Bob Pinson @pinsonj705
User image: Silja Celine
Silja Celine @djjdkgh
Danielle @d.strepaniuk
User image: Trashcan
Trashcan @trashcan
User image: B
B @Dreamer92
User image: Dagobah
Dagobah @siranooshf
User image: ctos das
ctos das @tacoscarnitosss123
User image: Liam Dempsey
Liam Dempsey @liamdempsey137
User image: Martha K
Martha K @2005kolpien
User image: Jihane El Moueddine
Jihane El Moueddine @jijidine
User image: Александар Чики
Александар Чики @Elodrai
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