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Picture of a movie: The Postman
The Postman 1997 Movie 3.6/5
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Escape From L.A. 1996 Movie 3.3/5
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Picture of a movie: The Chronicles Of Riddick
The Chronicles Of Riddick 2004 Movie 3.8/5
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Starship Troopers 1997 Movie 4.1/5
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Red Planet 2000 Movie 3.1/5
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Independence Day 1996 Movie 4/5
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The Core 2003 Movie 3.3/5
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Predator 1987 Movie 4.4/5
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Soldier 1998 Movie 2.9/5
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Picture of a movie: The Day After Tomorrow
The Day After Tomorrow 2004 Movie 3.7/5
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Pitch Black 2000 Movie 4.1/5
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Picture of a movie: Demolition Man
Demolition Man 1993 Movie 4.2/5
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Everyone's homeless in dystopia. See what economic system failure looks like in these post-nuke, enviro-collapse, low-on-fuel, gritty, everyone-for-themselves, anarchical worlds.
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Bookmarks are being cluttered by things I've already seen, so I'm putting uncategorized stuff that I've already seen here. Some are movies I didn't quite like enough to actually "like", and some I haven't seen recently enough to judge them accurately.
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This list includes all the movies I think are mind-bending, suspenseful, creepy, dystopian etc. They are what I consider “thrillers”, but not in the sense that action movies are thrillers. The list includes movies relating to crime, sci-fi, apocalypse, supernatural, stalker....you name it!
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