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Insidious: Chapter 3 2015 Movie 3.6/5
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It Follows 2014 Movie 3.9/5
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Ouija 2014 Movie 2.7/5
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The Conjuring 2 2016 Movie 3.9/5
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Lists containing Unfriended (2014 Movie)

This list includes all the movies I think are mind-bending, suspenseful, creepy, dystopian etc. They are what I consider “thrillers”, but not in the sense that action movies are thrillers. The list includes movies relating to crime, sci-fi, apocalypse, supernatural, stalker....you name it!
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Things that I've just watched for various reasons over the years, mixed opinions. Might have had to study it at school, or it was the only thing on back in the days of channel surfing on tv 😅 things I watched with my family or friends, movies I saw at the cinema because it was something to do idk just a loose watchlist until I move them onto better lists. Mixed opinions 🤷
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