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Time and Tide

2000, Hark Tsui


Time and Tide is a 2000 Hong Kong action film directed, produced and co-written by Tsui Hark. The film is set in Hong Kong where a young man becomes a bodyguard and befriends a mercenary determined to begin life anew with the woman he just married. The two men find themselves working together to foil an assassination attempt which propels them toward confrontation with each other.

The film was re-written several times during production and post-production stages to accommodate director Tsui Hark's casting choices. The film was nominated for six Hong Kong Film Awards and received generally positive reviews from critics.

Tyler Yim (Nicholas Tse) impregnates a lesbian cop, Ah Jo (Cathy Tsui) after a drunken night. He joins an unlicensed bodyguard service led by Uncle Ji (Anthony Wong) to earn money to give to Ah Jo, who wants nothing to do with him. Nearly nine months later, Tyler meets up with a butcher named Jack Chow (Wu Bai) and his pregnant wife, Ah Hui (Candy Lo), who helps Tyler prevent her father's assassination at his birthday. Tyler tries to convince Jack to start a bodyguard service with him, but Jack turns him down.

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