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Teiichi no kuni

2017, Akira Nagai

Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High (帝一の國, Teiichi no Kuni) is a 2017 Japanese comedy film directed by Akira Nagai and based on the manga series of the same name written by Usamaru Furuya.

The Kaitei Supreme High School is the most famous aristocratic high school in Japan. Only 800 students in the whole Japan can have opportunities to study here. Because of the robust support of Japanese commercial circles and political world in this school, the person who becomes the president of the student union will be a member of the council of ministers and have the chance to participant in the politics. But it is not that easy to become the leader of school union; the precondition is that you must be the class monitor at The Kaitei Supreme High School.

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