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Jigoku de naze warui

2014, Sion Sono


Why Don't You Play in Hell? (地獄でなぜ悪い, Jigoku de naze warui, literally What's so bad about hell?) is a 2013 Japanese film directed, written and scored by Sion Sono.

The movie is an action film based on a screenplay written by Sono fifteen years earlier. North American distributor Drafthouse Films announced its acquisition before it made its world premiere at the 2013 Venice Film Festival, planning a 2014 release in theatres and VOD after its premiere at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. At Toronto the film won the People's Choice Award in the Midnight Madness section.

Three teenagers who are passionate about cinema, led by director Hirata, meet a young thug named Sasaki who they see as a potential Japanese "Bruce Lee". They form a movie club "Fuck Bombers" with the blessing of an elderly projectionist specialized in 35mm film. In the meantime, a yakuza war rages, which sees the boss Muto grappling with the assassins of a rival gang who invaded his home to attack his wife. To defend herself, she kills almost all of them and ends up in prison. The only survivor, Ikegami, has a brief encounter with Mitsuko, the infant daughter of Muto and star of a toothbrush commercial. Escaping from the crime scene, covered in blood, he is filmed by the enthusiastic Fuck Bombers. The yakuza clan led by Muto defeats the rival group by killing their boss. Ikegami becomes the defeated clan's new boss and proposes a truce. He also decides to turn his gang headquarters into a castle inspired by samurai films, with all the criminals walking around wearing kimonos. Meanwhile, the Fuck Bombers leave a prayer to the God of Cinema at a small shrine in the hopes that one day they will make a movie that will be remembered forever.

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