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Best films and series about the workplace

21 items
While so many of us are being forced to work from home, satires and dramas about office dynamics can almost feel like a quaint relic. Here’s a list of some of the most interesting depictions of office life through the years and throughout the world - both movies and TV series.
Picture of a movie: High And Low
High And Low 1963 Movie
Picture of a TV show: The Larry Sanders Show
The Larry Sanders Show 1992 TV Show
His Girl Friday and 18 more... A month ago
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Movies For Admirers of Architecture

29 items
Films where the architectural context and aesthetic plays an indelible role in the viewing experience, regardless of period or genre.
Picture of a movie: Red Desert
Red Desert 1964 Movie
Picture of a movie: North By Northwest
North By Northwest 1959 Movie
Il Posto, In Bruges and 25 more... May 2019

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