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Hellraiser: Deader

2005, Rick Bota


Hellraiser: Deader (also known as Hellraiser VII: Deader) is a 2005 American slasher horror film and the seventh installment in the Hellraiser series. Directed by Rick Bota, the original script was written by Neal Marshall Stevens. As with Hellraiser: Inferno and Hellraiser: Hellseeker it began as an unrelated spec script, which was subsequently rewritten (by Tim Day) as a Hellraiser film. Like Inferno, series creator Clive Barker did not have even a cursory involvement in the production of Deader.

Deader was filmed on location in Romania in 2002. It saw only a handful of isolated preview screenings in the following years before finally being released straight to video in the United States on June 7, 2005.

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