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People who like Harry Potter And The Forbidden Journey (2010 Movie)

IlianaM @hlianamitsa
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Hlynur Hansen @tolvurnet
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bob beilz @highballslider
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Lu Alves Oficial @lualvesoficial
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A Shockingham @ajcunninghamm
JC @james30
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mojan izadkhah @mojanizadkhah

People who dislike Harry Potter And The Forbidden Journey (2010 Movie)

Alef @ape_h8
Butt @ivyleighken
Rodgy @teyexal187
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Hellspawn @Hellspawn
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Lucas Pacheco @lucasjepacheco
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J. Brdr @jalebirdir
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Summer Layton @summerlayton23
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Colin @ColinTDurkin
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Edward Rocky Kloster @4rhim1963
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Billy Rehbein @brehbein22
Micah Cunningham @Lzrdprsn
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