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Lists containing Event Horizon (1997 Movie)

Movies here fall into one of two categories: 1) They are so bad that they become good, or 2) They are ultimately failures but nevertheless get something so very right that they don't feel like a waste of your time.
Interstellar, Cursed and 26 more... July 2020 View 30 items
Unsettling and genre-bending stories with locations that are practically characters themselves. The genre is not super important, and a few items might eschew one or the other.
Midsommar, Pontypool and 10 more... May 2020 View 14 items
From slow-burn horror, to psychological horror, to your classic monster horror. The films that have stood out from the rest of the noise.
The Sixth Sense and 26 more... May 2020 View 29 movies

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