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Haunted 1995 Movie 5/5
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Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning 2004 Movie 3.2/5
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Ld 50 Lethal Dose 2005 Movie 0/5
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A Dog's Breakfast 2007 Movie 3/5
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Shadow Of The Vampire 2001 Movie 3.9/5
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Dracula II: Ascension 2003 Movie 3/5
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This list includes all the movies I think are mind-bending, suspenseful, creepy, dystopian etc. They are what I consider “thrillers”, but not in the sense that action movies are thrillers. The list includes movies relating to crime, sci-fi, apocalypse, supernatural, stalker....you name it!
Warm Bodies, The Head and 476 more... November 2021 View 480 items

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