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Don't Knock Twice

2017, Caradog W. James


Don't Knock Twice is a 2016 British supernatural horror film directed by Caradog W. James.

In Wales, Jessica “Jess” Webb-Thomas, an American sculptor and former drug addict, meets with her estranged daughter Chloe (from Jess’s prior marriage and sent to foster care due to the former's drug addiction) and invites her to come live with her and her second husband, Ben Thomas. Chloe declines. That night, she goes out with her friend Danny to a house where legend says a witch lived. The two knock twice on the door and leave. Danny starts experiencing paranormal occurrences and is later dragged away by an unseen force. When the demonic spirit frightens Chloe, she accepts Jess' offer and moves in with her.

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