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1972, Billy Wilder


Avanti! is a 1972 American/Italian international co-production comedy film produced and directed by Billy Wilder, and starring Jack Lemmon and Juliet Mills. The screenplay by Wilder and I. A. L. Diamond is based on Samuel A. Taylor's play, which had a short run for the 1968 Broadway season. The film follows a businessman attempting to deliver the body of his father from Italy. It premiered on December 17, 1972. Lemmon won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. The film was nominated for five Golden Globe Awards, including Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, Best Director, Best Actress – Motion Picture Comedy or Musical, and Best Screenplay.

For the last decade, Baltimore industrialist Wendell Armbruster Sr. has annually spent a month at the Grand Hotel Excelsior on the resort island of Ischia on the Bay of Naples, allegedly to soak in the therapeutic mud baths. During his last visit he died in an automobile accident, and his straitlaced son Wendell Armbruster Jr. travels to Ischia to claim the body. He meets Pamela Piggott, a London traveler, who has come to claim the body of her mother. Wendell discovers his father had an affair with Pamela's mother for every one of those ten years, despite his having had a wife in Baltimore. Pamela knows of their parents' clandestine annual meeting. Hotel manager Carlo Carlucci plans a funeral and the delivery of Wendell Senior's remains in three days time so Wendell Junior can take his father's body back to the family home for a funeral to be viewed on television by all the workers in his father's factories. They are delayed at every turn due to the twin Italian traditions of bureaucracy and short working hours.

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