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Fictional Drama Crime TV series-based on cops, detectives, private investigators & FBI Agents doing their jobs...protecting & serving the public, investigating crime & criminals & solving cases.
The Rockford Files and 42 more... June 2021 View 45 TV shows
Fictional TV drama series based on criminals committing crimes & law enforcement personnel doing their jobs...protecting and serving the public, investigating crimes and criminals, and solving cases.
Mary Kills People and 30 more... May 2021 View 33 TV shows
Psycho, Twisted, Evil, & Insane...these words only scratch the surface of these ruthless psychopaths, sociopaths, & cold blooded killers we can't stop binge watching like a bad train wreck!
Criminal Minds, Evil and 13 more... April 2021 View 17 TV shows
Fictional, Drama TV Series based on military, war, & terrorism including domestic, foreign, spies, espionage, government corruption/cover-ups & cyber crimes
The Equalizer and 27 more... April 2021 View 30 TV shows
Fictional Drama TV Series based on Emergency Service & Medical Response providers, including: hospitals, doctors, nurses, firefighters, 911 operators, & Ambulance personnel
The Listener and 24 more... April 2021 View 27 TV shows

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