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Storytelling wouldn’t be anything without technology, and neither would genre; horror itself is so shaped and defined by the ways that we tell it, make it, and create it. From viral videotapes to mysterious records that contain bewitching spells, the technology filmmakers and artists use says as much about them, about horror, and about creation itself as the stories themselves. Urban legends spread through word of mouth in a marginalized community in one film, and are hidden from the public by the government despite heavy filmic evidence in another. These films are great horror movies, sure; but they’re also about the horror genre and how technology impacts how we interact, engage, and are shaped by those stories, technology more broadly, and the ongoing conversation between horror, technology and audiences.
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Picture of a movie: Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane 1941 Movie 3.9/5
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Picture of a movie: Sunset Blvd.
Sunset Blvd. 1950 Movie 4.4/5
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Picture of a movie: Some Like It Hot
Some Like It Hot 1959 Movie 3.8/5
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