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People who like Warcraft III: Reign Of Chaos (Game)

Evilkipper @rob.hobart
User image: Just A Little Raven
Just A Little Raven @justalittleraven
User image: Amanda
Amanda @Wickd
User image: Steven Perry
Steven Perry @stevendperry88
User image: Alexander Hrytsevych
Alexander Hrytsevych @alproty
heath marks @heathe1
User image: Srđan Šmit
Srđan Šmit @sranmit
User image: José Vásquez
José Vásquez @beikerg
User image: Emil Örn Emilsson
Emil Örn Emilsson @emmilitli
User image: Lailson Oliveira
Lailson Oliveira @vsepr404
Nick @endmaxd
User image: chokie
chokie @xchokiex

People who dislike Warcraft III: Reign Of Chaos (Game)

User image: Christopher Marcatili
Christopher Marcatili @chris.marcatili
User image: Misako Sangi
Misako Sangi @misakosangi
User image: Frank Donnadio
Frank Donnadio @FrankTheTankDonnadio
User image: Pablo Aleixandre
Pablo Aleixandre @pabloaleixandre
User image: Dat Pen15
Dat Pen15 @dogackrks
User image: João Pedro Oliveira
João Pedro Oliveira @JotaPe
FckngRtrd @FckngRtrd
Brieanna DeBellis @bd77690
User image: Ghost Noob
Ghost Noob @nekosansoficial
BrendioEEE @therealbrendioeee
kekman @barcode1232
User image: John Davis
John Davis @johnndavis818
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