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People who like The Walking Dead: 400 Days (Game)

User image: Alexander Hrytsevych
Alexander Hrytsevych @alproty
User image: Misako Sangi
Misako Sangi @misakosangi
User image: Szwocher
Szwocher @szwocher
oikopen @oikopen
Liz @jo_lawliet
User image: Michael Fedorovsky
Michael Fedorovsky @MichaelFedorovsky
User image: James Thomas
James Thomas @Cantabrig5
John Lieburn @johnlieburn
User image: Rick Biesmans
Rick Biesmans @rickbiesmans
Zippy @larissalu
User image: Cayden Boggs
Cayden Boggs @csboggs09
User image: Jack
Jack @jackospade

People who dislike The Walking Dead: 400 Days (Game)

Fran Ritchey @franmfritchey
User image: Scoob
Scoob @emrocker10
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