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Video games that overall have mature, dark and interesting themes and follow a overall serious, somber and intellectual tone, even if just slightly so.
Pathologic 2, Braid and 41 more... A few weeks ago View 45 games
There are just good games out there, and there are games that provide a one-of-a-kind experience. Not all of them flawless masterpieces, but all of these will haunt your thoughts or make fond memories
Persona 4 Golden and 26 more... A month ago View 29 games
Mostly Sci-Fi, but included some things that may not technically fit. There's also some Sci-Fi stuff not on this list, but I tried to include my favorite stuff.
Blade Runner, Dredd and 102 more... A few months ago View 106 items
Time travel, warped memories, hallucinations, and/or dreams (or the possibility of one of those). Basically anything twilight zoney (plus some fun time travel stuff).
Dark City, Life Of Pi and 44 more... A few months ago View 48 items

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