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If you just bought your Nintendo Switch and still not sure which games to buy; let someone else do the work. Look at this list before you make any gaming mistakes.
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and 14 more... March 2019 View 17 games

People who like Stardew Valley (Game)

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Hayley Brosnan @hjbrosnan01
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Miguel Bayón @miguelbayn
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Kristi Dawn @kristidawn
User image: Kay Newman
Kay Newman @ceadhlan7
Logan Laflotte @MindSalad
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Glenn Racioppi @grracioppi
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Kailee Archer @kaileemarcher
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Jeimy Carvajal @jeimycarvajal
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gemma @gemdawg

People who dislike Stardew Valley (Game)

User image: James
James @jamesfletcher619
User image: Frank Donnadio
Frank Donnadio @FrankTheTankDonnadio
User image: Pablo Aleixandre
Pablo Aleixandre @pabloaleixandre
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djthiago1 @thiagonavesbenassi
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Andrew Hart @Andrew1
Nemi @ninje45
Cal @callvernhtastedive
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helena black @helvonasche
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Suo Zheng @suozheng101
User image: lucy ward
lucy ward @misslucymarieward
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Chris Moroz @Chris Moroz
Ian Campos @iancampos0
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