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People who like Luigi's Mansion 3 (Game)

User image: Niko Gassmann
Niko Gassmann @niko.gassmann
User image: Amanda Marxsen
Amanda Marxsen @amandamarxsen
Diana Moreno @chibilightofhope
User image: Ray
Ray @CopperClaw
User image: Brian Vidrine
Brian Vidrine @brianvidrine
Bushra Ali @pancakenaz
User image: Simon Müller
Simon Müller @muesimonller
User image: Michael Romanos
Michael Romanos @michael.romanos
Adrienne @renka932
Aura @bluebirda6
User image: Красный Комиксар
Красный Комиксар @redcomicsar
User image: Mark Buss
Mark Buss @markjbuss

People who dislike Luigi's Mansion 3 (Game)

User image: Rodolfo Cavalcante
Rodolfo Cavalcante @rodolfocavalcante
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