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People who like Cry Of Fear (Game)

Fenrize @Fenrize
Carlos Eduardo Stachissini @edustachissini
Łukasz Klebieko @ŁukaszKlebieko
Shalashashka @Shashenka
Jon @philmodel.101
Basia Basia @BasiaBasia
Henry Van Gog @HenryVanGog
Jonathan Phillips @JonathanPhillips
lobootso @miguel_lindo94
Cat @cat
alex_grim @alexrumarthegreat
Andrew Knox @andrew.knox

People who dislike Cry Of Fear (Game)

Kyle T @kyletenni
Ricky Romans @bashfoal
Christopher Brown @ChristopherBrown

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Basil McCurry @Cigaretteburnbastard
Connor Moore @connorhhmoore
Belaid Souded @belaidsouded
Emma Davies @jellyjumble15
Tammy @tamsinmarie
Marco @mpatriarca
Ahmed Ezzeldin @ezzeldinahmed90
Aisha Afeef @aishaafeef
Aaron Neal @aneal
Ryan Proulx @RyanProulx
Salia @Salia
Adam Tranquilla @adamtranquilla
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