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People who like Bloodborne: The Old Hunters (Game)

User image: Fidel Asstro
Fidel Asstro @fidelasstro69
PJ Martin @pj-martin
SalmonOfWar @fishnchips621
Alei Kraznokov @aksikehem
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cenas becenas @cenasbecenas
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Daniel March @danielmarch99
Brunnens @Brunnens
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SummonerStripclub @SummonerStripclub
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Eduardo de Oliveira @eduardo4002
oikopen @oikopen
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pedro mahala @pmahala
User image: Elizabeth Kistner
Elizabeth Kistner @Liz Ard

People who dislike Bloodborne: The Old Hunters (Game)

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djthiago1 @thiagonavesbenassi
User image: Jules Bedard
Jules Bedard @julesjbedules
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Dat Pen15 @dogackrks
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Coolerman 915 @glebcoolerman59
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