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2021, Susan Dennard


Susan Dennard (born February 25, 1984) is an American YA fantasy author. Her debut novel, Something Strange and Deadly, was published in 2012 by HarperCollins.

Susan Dennard was born on February 25, 1984, in the state of Virginia, but primarily grew up in Dalton, Georgia. She originally planned to major in English at University of Georgia, but was "sidetracked by science" and obtained a bachelor's degrees in fisheries and statistics instead, and then received her master's in marine biology at the Great Lakes Institute for environmental research in Windsor, Ontario, with the intention of solving the problem of overfishing. This work led her around the world, to almost all of the seven continents, with the exception of Asia. In 2009, she chose to forego venturing a PhD and joined her husband in Germany. She currently lives in the Midwestern US.

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