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Who Will Run the Frog Hospital?

2004, Lorrie Moore


Who Will Run the Frog Hospital? is the second novel by American author Lorrie Moore, published by Knopf in 1994. The novel was inspired by a drawing of the same name by Nancy Mladenoff. While visiting an art gallery, Moore saw Mladenoff's drawing, which she bought and later used for her novel's title. The novel addresses both adolescence and middle age through the eyes of Berie, a girl from upstate New York. Moore uses memory as a narrative tool, inviting the reader to follow Berie's recollections, and demonstrates the imperfections and compromises required by daily life. The novel was well-received in the United States, earning favorable reviews.

The novel is narrated by Benoite-Marie "Berie" Carr. While vacationing in Paris with her husband Daniel, Berie recalls her adolescence in Horsehearts, New York. During the summer of 1972, Berie worked with her friend Silsby Chaussee (Sils) at Storyland, an amusement park where she sold tickets and Sils played Cinderella. The adult Berie, now a photographic curator at a local historical society, narrates the pitfalls of her marriage while searching for the close bond she shared with Sils during the Storyland summer.

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