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2005, Oakley Hall


Warlock is a Western novel by American author Oakley Hall, first published in 1958. The story is set in the early 1880s, in a fictional southwestern mining town called Warlock and its vicinity. The novel's characters and many elements of its plot are loosely based on actual people and events from Tombstone, Arizona during the same time period, including Wyatt Earp and the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. It has been described as a precursor to, or early example of, the revisionist western, due to its moral ambiguity and satirical commentary on Cold-War-era American society. The novel was a finalist for the 1958 Pulitzer Prize.

Hall's subsequent novels The Bad Lands (1978) and Apaches (1986) are sequels to Warlock, though they do not portray the same principal characters or setting. The three novels together form the Legends West trilogy.

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