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The Hidden Coronet

2011, Catherine Fisher

Catherine Fisher (born 1957) is a Welsh poet and children's novelist who writes in English. She has also worked as a school and university teacher. She lives in the city of Newport, Wales.

Catherine Fisher has worked as a primary-school teacher and as an archaeologist. She also taught writing for children at the University of Glamorgan.

Fisher has published four poetry collections with Seren Books: Immrama (1988), The Unexplored Ocean (c. 1994), Altered States (1999) and The Bramble King (2019). She has also published a pamphlet, Folklore (2003), with Smith/Doorstop Books, and many poems in magazines and anthologies. The collection Immrama won the Welsh Arts Council Young Writers' Prize in 1989. She won the Cardiff International Poetry Competition in the same year.

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