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People who like The Godfather (Book by Mario Puzo)

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Alan @Alan07
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Trent Moore @tmoore57
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claudia pocriste @claudiapocriste
User image: Marina Girbau
Marina Girbau @magira001
User image: Leonardo Mendoza Trujillo
Leonardo Mendoza Trujillo @leoelturbox
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cherrybomb @claudex69x
Gino Seconnino @ginosec
User image: Rich Regalado
Rich Regalado @RichRegalado
User image: MartinTastedive
MartinTastedive @martinTastedive
Eloy Roldán @eroldanp1980
User image: Nikki Carpenter
Nikki Carpenter @nikkicarpenter
Travis @mynameistravis25

People who dislike The Godfather (Book by Mario Puzo)

User image: Happy Fenton
Happy Fenton @hfenton1
User image: Re Townsend
Re Townsend @invisibledoctor
arnacon @arnacon
audreylang @audreylang2
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Matej Viezan @matej-viezan
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