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The Brambles

2006, Eliza Minot

A luminous, panoramic novel of family life a beautiful, often hilarious portrait of motherhood and marriage and a magnificent leap forward from the highly praised author of The Tiny One (Minot has a sorceress's ability to perceive the emotional spirits trapped in nature and a wild, unstrung, lyrical gift The New York Times Book Review). This is the story of the Bramble family Margaret, Max, and Edie three adult siblings careening through wildly different byways of adult life. Margaret, mother of three, drowning in a sea of runny noses and lost mittens, is a nurturer with a sense of humor, a witty woman at wits end, about to take her ailing father into the tumult and chaos of her already overcrowded home. Edie, her younger sister, is a barely recognizable version of Margaret' s former self young, single, clicking smartly down city streets in good shoes, but struggling mightily beyond her sister's vision to anchor her desultory, and intensely solitary, life. Max, newly married, newly a father, is buckling under the weight of new responsibilities. Over the course of one critical season, a long hidden secret will be revealed, remaking each of them, and all they thought they knew about one another and about themselves.Lyrical, emotional, and large-hearted a sweeping and unfailingly precise depiction of the allegiances, as well as the miscommunications and misunderstandings, upon which we build our lives The Brambles is ringing confirmation of Eliza Minot's abundant gifts.

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