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2008, Chuck Palahniuk


Snuff is a novel by Chuck Palahniuk that was released on May 20, 2008.

Cassie Wright, pornography priestess, intends to cap her legendary career by breaking the world record for serial fornication on camera, with six hundred men. Snuff unfolds through the perspectives of Mr. 600, Mr. 72, Mr. 137, and Wright's personal assistant, Sheila. With his satirical narrative and thorough research, Chuck Palahniuk reveals through these four characters the little-known facts and histories of not only pornography and sexual deviance, but also acting and life in and out of the spotlight, and throughout the novel shows the rarely acknowledged presence of pornography in modern America.

The first edition print of the books included a light brown color to the font, and as usual with Palahniuk's releases, a heavily themed jacket and inside cover for the book. Inside and on the book liner were various sexual poses outlined in dark brown against a lighter brown.

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