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People who like Scorpia (Book by Anthony Horowitz)

User image: Stephen Walker
Stephen Walker @stephenwalker
User image: Jack Birkett
Jack Birkett @jackbirkett
User image: Logan Peterson
Logan Peterson @petersonlogan02
User image: James Pacer
James Pacer @jamespacer99
User image: Adeline Kade
Adeline Kade @alikade4224
User image: A Leaf On The Wind
A Leaf On The Wind @emailaddress4310
User image: Henri De Bel
Henri De Bel @henridebel
Carla @scarlettrosefourie
User image: Sam Wechsler
Sam Wechsler @samwechsler93
User image: Christian Babyak
Christian Babyak @shempman
User image: Christine Angel Rines
Christine Angel Rines @ChristineAngelRines
User image: Himel Patel
Himel Patel @HimelPatel

People who dislike Scorpia (Book by Anthony Horowitz)

bella @bella5
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