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Percy Jackson and the Olympians Boxed Set

2009, Rick Riordan


before we start;a READERS ATTENTION!:Rick Riordan's series Order:first, Percy Jacksonthen Heroes of Olympus at last, Trials of Apollo & Magnus Chase is happening at the same time; they have crossovers sometimes.(or read in this order: Camp Half-Blood Chronicles)I warned everywhere I could, because I'm nervous you might read in wrong order & you won't enjoy as much as you should.anyway...generally I love those fantasy stories happening in our world, they're apparently named low fantasy, but I call them: Fantasy in reality. (& not just my favourite in books, but movies & tv shows too)When fantasy elements bind in reality; we know a boring damn world (reality) & then... magic came! or myths or travel between universes. I live in that world (as a reader lives a thousands of lives) & I feel happy.also familiar sense in other way like I know places & cities (I mean in almost all high fantasy stories I'm just confused with the strange names & wondering where they were.)& even heroes have been shocked when they actually entered their fantasy world. (so they know that world with me & I can relate with their surprise, feelings, fears, etc)so it made very easy to believe they can be real, somewhere, somehow, in a corner of this world magic exists (Harry Potter), you can travel to parallel universes (Pendragon) or mythology lives among us. (Percy Jackson)my top fav series has another features too: they are about the subjects I actually love to know about in science. (magic, parallel universes, Myths)& now whole review of one of my favourite series:Complete 5 Golden StarsIdea: ★★★★★/5I said thousand times that I love love love mythology, especially Greek mythology. -World building: ★★★★★/5mythology in fantasy, sign me in!I love how myths wrapped up in reality & how this fiction built up. & monsters, rules of this world, Demigods, villains... everything seems real & realistic! I love realistic fictions. when you can just simply imagine the story is actually happening somewhere in this world. U know what I mean?

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