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Liberalism: A Counter-History

2011, Domenico Losurdo

Liberalism: A Counter-History (Italian: Controstoria del liberalismo) is a 2005 book by Italian philosopher Domenico Losurdo, first published in English in 2011.

In the book, Losurdo examines the inner contradictions of the highly influential liberal political tradition. Key liberal thinkers who are discussed include John Locke, Alexis de Tocqueville and Edmund Burke.

Losurdo argues that the liberal tradition has often excused and even celebrated racism, slavery, exploitation and genocide. Among the atrocities that Losurdo finds liberalism condoned include the Great Famine of Ireland, the chattel slavery in the United States, the Indian genocide in North America, the Opium Wars, the British crimes in India and the implementation of Jim Crow laws in the American South.

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