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La rivoluzione tradita

2000, Leon Trotsky, Claudio Bellotti

Written in 1936, Trotsky provides a Marxist analysis of the fate of the Russian Revolution after Lenin's death (1924). Which was, obviously, a total totalitarian bureaucracy nightmare, yes. Marx and Lenin would be the very first to say so. Good read for all the smug fuckers who like to say "well, socialism doesnt work, look at Russia". It was precisely because Stalin and co abandoned the October ideas and principles - including freedom - that this great historic opportunity turned into a massive pile of shit. "Under a nationalized economy, quality demands a democracy of producers and consumers, freedom of criticism and initiative - conditions incompatible with a totalitarian regime of fear, lies and flattery."(And Stalin and co could only rise to power because fucking Social Democrats betrayed the revolution in Germany, but that's another story.) As always, witty and funny writing, sharp abalyses and utmost inspiring. <3 Trotsky.

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