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Killer Germs: Microbes and Diseases That Threaten Humanity

2002, David J. Zimmerman, Barry E. Zimmerman


Everything readers ever wanted to know about deadly viruses, killer parasites, flesh-eating microbes, and other lifethreatening beasties but were afraid to askWhat disease, known as "the White Death" has killed 2 billion people, and counting?What fatal disease lurks undetected in air conditioners and shower heads, waiting to become airborne?How lethal is the Ebola virus, and will there ever be a cure for it?How do you catch flesh-eating bacteria?Killer Germs takes readers on a fascinating (sometimes horrifying) journey into the amazing world of viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and worms and explores the roles they have played in shaping the course of human history. From biblical plagues, to the AIDS crisis, to supergerms of the future, this updated and revised edition of the original covers the whole gamut of diseases that have threatened humanity since its origins.It also includes a new chapter on the history of bioterrorism and the deplorable role it has played and is likely to play in the phenomenal diversity of diseases.

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