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People who like Kick-Ass (Book by Mark Millar)

User image: Elise Moore
Elise Moore @EliseMoore
User image: André Dadi
André Dadi @AndrDadi
User image: Efe Karadağlı
Efe Karadağlı @efekaradal
User image: Patrick Magee
Patrick Magee @pmunneymagee
Elkan @charpentiermatthias
User image: Giddy Gus
Giddy Gus @gusleifpetersen
User image: Olivia Koenig
Olivia Koenig @oliviakoenig
Diego Arias @diegoalexanderarias
User image: TL Brown
TL Brown @tlbrown0028
User image: Arianne Heimbecker
Arianne Heimbecker @arianneheimbecker
User image: Chris Mazzanti
Chris Mazzanti @manzyde
User image: Lorenzo Carta
Lorenzo Carta @Ozneroc

People who dislike Kick-Ass (Book by Mark Millar)

Joe @joeeggen
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