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People who like Flirt (Book by Laurell K. Hamilton)

User image: Melissa Terry
Melissa Terry @melissaterry
User image: Jennifer Touchton
Jennifer Touchton @supergril62
S @savemelove
User image: Trish Lutz
Trish Lutz @Trish Lutz
User image: Lex Chorlton
Lex Chorlton @LexChorlton
Melanie Morland @mjmorland
User image: Becca Davidson
Becca Davidson @beccaldavidson
Evilkipper @rob.hobart
User image: Tibor Bálint
Tibor Bálint @balint.tibor87
User image: Samantha Wolf
Samantha Wolf @astarinlife
User image: Trouble
Trouble @Troublemaakerz20
Kristen @penguingirl93

People who dislike Flirt (Book by Laurell K. Hamilton)

User image: Gaye Sevval Cetin
Gaye Sevval Cetin @enivocuvokke
User image: Nina Osborne
Nina Osborne @theimpossiblewhovian
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