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Deaf Again

2008, Mark Drolsbaugh

Deaf Again: Born into Deaf Culture. Thrown into the Hearing World. Rediscovering the Joys of Deafness. 4th edition (2008)Join Mark Drolsbaugh in his fascinating journey from hearing toddler… to hard of hearing child… to deaf adolescent… and ultimately, to culturally Deaf adult. The struggle to find one’s place in the deaf community is challenging, as Drolsbaugh finds, yet there is one interesting twist: both his parents are also deaf. Even though the deaf community has always been there for him, right under his nose, Drolsbaugh takes the unbeaten path and goes on a zany, lifelong search… to become Deaf Again.“This is an excellent and highly readable autobiography that will soon find a place in the classics of deaf writing.” — The Forest BookshopGloucestershire, England “A book that’s hard to put down… easy to read andheartwarming.” — Dr. Harry BlackmoreCenter for Auslan and Deaf StudiesPerth, Western Australia “This book is a MUST read for any hearing parentwhose child has been identified with a hearing loss.” — MaryAnne Kowalczyk, PresidentThe Communication ConnectionManahawkin, New Jersey “A terrible thing happened to this book — it ended!” — Callie CesariniOntario, Canada

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