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daughters of passion

2019, Julia O'Faolain

Julia O'Faolain (6 June 1932 – 27 October 2020) was a London-born Irish novelist and short story writer. Her parents were Irish writers Seán Ó Faoláin and Eileen Gould.

She was educated at University College Dublin, Sapienza University of Rome and the Sorbonne Paris. She worked as a writer, language teacher, editor and translator and lived in France, Italy, and the United States. Her novels include Godded and Codded (1970), Women In The Wall (1975), No Country for Young Men (1980), The Obedient Wife (1982), The Irish Signorina (1984), The Judas Cloth (1992) and Adam Gould (2009). Her short story collections include We Might See Sights! (1968), Man in the Cellar (1974), Melancholy Baby (1978) and Daughters of Passion (1982). As Julia Martines, she translated Two Memoirs of Renaissance Florence: The Diaries of Buonaccorso Pitti and Gregorio Dati and Piero Chiara's A Man of Parts. Her No Country for Young Men was shortlisted for the 1980 Booker Prize.

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