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A World Without Heroes

2011, Brandon Mull


Beyonders: A World Without Heroes is a 2011 fantasy novel written by American author Brandon Mull. It is the first in the Beyonders trilogy.

The novel is set in the parallel universe of Lyrian, a world distinct from all others (with every other referred to as "the Beyond"). This uniqueness stems from the fact that it was intentionally created by an unnamed, extremely powerful "Creator". This ambiguous figure created Lyrian using the language he invented, Edomic. Edomic, when spoken and "felt" properly, enables the user to manipulate the matter and energy of Lyrian in a variety of ways, but only in Lyrian. However, to use Edomic in this way requires great natural talent and many years of practice, leading "magic users" to be extremely rare. All living things resist magic, and to use magic you need energy. Humans came to inhabit Lyrian by accidentally transporting themselves there through gateways on Earth. In this way, every human on Lyrian is at some point descended from a "Beyonder". Because people have crossed over from Earth to Lyrian many times throughout history, Elizabethan English happens to have become the dominant language. The technology level is about that of Earth's Middle Ages, supplemented by Edomic and other elements of magic. Roads are both few and primitive, with nature dominating the majority of the landscape. A ruthless wizard (extremely powerful Edomic user), Maldor, has slowly but surely conquered almost all of Lyrian, oppressing the people to an extreme degree.

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