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A Mango-Shaped Space

2005, Wendy Mass


A Mango-Shaped Space is a 2003 young adult novel by the American author Wendy Mass. A Mango-Shaped Space is Mass's fourth fiction novel. The book received the American Library Association Schneider Family Book Award in 2004. The novel has since been nominated for, and received, a number of other awards. The hand lettering on the cover is by Billy Kelly. The book is recommended for grades 5-8. A 7-hour long audiobook version, narrated by Danielle Ferland, has been produced.

The plot focuses on Mia Winchell, a thirteen-year-old girl living with synesthesia, a jumbling of the senses. Words and sounds appear to have color for Mia. The novel is about Mia's experiences as a synesthete and the problems she faces in school and with her friends. Ultimately, Mia's family and peers are able to empathize with her and help her move forward.

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