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LGBTQ Hip-Hop Artists Who Thrive Against All Odds

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Pride month is over, but shouldn’t everyday be pride? Here’s a list of awesome artists who bravely wave the pride flag even in the face of adversity of an oftentimes toxic industry.
Picture of a band or musician: Taylor Bennett
Taylor Bennett Music
Picture of a band or musician: Le1f
Le1f Music
Princess Nokia and 19 more... A month ago
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All-Time Greatest Black Movies

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The best black movies with African-American themes, protagonists, dilemmas and all the pain, drama and pleasure that comes with the territory of being a brother or a sister!
Picture of a movie: Moonlight
Moonlight 2016 Movie
Picture of a movie: Bamboozled
Bamboozled 2000 Movie
The Wood and 27 more... May 2019

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