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If you have limited time or just want to be guaranteed an amazing entertainment experience, these are the shows that you must watch! I can't imagine anyone disliking any of these shows, there is just nothing negative to say about them. Unless, you count the fact that they don't make more episodes...but then again, I suppose we do have to find some time for reality in order to afford living - damn adulting! These are shows that give you that ”high” of awesomeness & the immediate urge to share with everyone - ENJOY! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BTW - Please feel free to follow me on Twitter, @CrapZap, where I share all of the YouTube videos I like - let me know if you enjoyed any of my recommendations here or if you disagree with any of my lists, I’d be interested in your input! 😊
Black Mirror, Legion and 13 more... A few months ago View 17 TV shows

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