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I'm particularly interested in this now. Watching almost all for the first time, and with little/no prior knowledge of the plot.
The Funhouse, Aliens and 27 more... Today View 31 movies
Slasher films I've watched, including: Proto-slashers of the 60s pushing through the censors, to the classic 70s very successful slashers, the 80s golden age of gore and of supernatural elements, the 90s few that got meta or inventive, the 00s/10s revival and remakes of old classics.
The Funhouse and 27 more... Today View 30 movies
Silent films I've watched from before the talkies i.e. 1900-1929ish, but there were a few early talkies as the new technology developed in the late 1920s. Mostly sci-fi/fantasy, horror, a few purely drama (NOTE: If you wanna watch these too, there are restored versions with gorgeous soundtracks on youtube of many silent films, a few I found on internet archive)
Faust, Cosmic Journey and 19 more... Today View 23 movies
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