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The Adventure Zone


The Adventure Zoneis a biweekly comedy and adventure actual play podcast based loosely upon the popularDungeons & Dragonsgame series, along with other role-playing games. The show is distributed by the Maximum Fun network and hosted by brothers Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy, and their father Clint McElroy. Regular episodes of the podcast feature the family solving puzzles, fighting enemies, and leveling up their characters in a series of cinematic and humorous encounters.

A special episode of the McElroys' flagship podcastMy Brother, My Brother and Mecalled "The Adventure Zone" was released on August 18, 2014. It featured the brothers playing a game ofDungeons & Dragonswith their father, Clint, and was released in lieu of a new episode ofMy Brother, My Brother and Medue to Justin being on paternity leave. "The Adventure Zone" was later developed into its own podcast on the Maximum Fun network.

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