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Oceana is an American rock band from St. Petersburg, Florida. Formed in 2007 and beginning with a post-hardcore sound, they were signed to Rise Records released their debut album titled The Tide on March 4, 2008, followed by the album Birth.Eater on May 19, 2009. They debuted a lighter indie rock sound with their EP Clean Head released on May 11, 2010. While recording their third album, One Big Particular Loop, in 2012, they reinvented themselves under the name Polyenso.

The original members of Oceana had previously been in other bands in the Tampa - St.Petersburg area such as Noreen, and Aissur Ahtom. In 2008, Oceana released their debut album "The Tide" through Rise Records. Shortly after the album release the vocalist, Keith Jones, left the band due to personal reasons. The band then picked up Brennan Taulbee who contributed both screaming and clean vocals. In a recent interview, Taulbee said that he was supposed to play keyboards and third guitar for the band's upcoming release but due to the departure of Jones, Brennan filled in the role as Oceana's frontman.

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