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Everyday Sunday was an American Christian rock band from Columbus, Ohio with the founding member Trey Pearson as lead singer. The band released two albums on Flicker Records including Stand Up and Anthems for the Imperfect. Wake Up! Wake Up! was the debut album on Inpop released May 22, 2007 on Inpop Records, followed by Best Night of Our Lives. The band released an EP independently in 2013 titled A New Beginning EP. After break-up Pearson keeps the right to the name Everyday Sunday. The band scored five U.S. Christian number 1 singles and twenty Christian Top 10 hits.

The band saw a number of changes in their set-up.

The band's lead singer was Trey Pearson. In an interview given to Ohio-based (614) Magazine, in May 2016, he publicly announced that he is gay.

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