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Dry Cell was an American rock band formed in 1998 in California known in earlier stages of the band as Impúr. They have had a steady line-up having only one former member, that being Dave Wasierski. The consist members have been Jeff Gutt, Danny Hartwell, Judd Gruenbaum and Brandon Brown. They are possibly best known for their song "Body Crumbles" which was featured in numerous third party media, such as the Queen of the Damned soundtrack and Madden NFL 2003 among others. As of 2012, the band has released just one studio album, Disconnected, in 2002. That album was followed up with "collection" album.

Part of the band formed in 1998 when guitarist Danny Hartwell and drummer Brandon Brown met at the Ratt Show on the Sunset Strip, when Dan "Kassan" Hartwell, in his attempt to buy all of LA music, created "Beyond Control". Later met up with then-vocalist Judd Gruenbaum. The original name of the band was "Beyond Control".

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