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Tickled is a 2016 documentary about "competitive endurance tickling" and videos featuring it, and the practices of those producing the videos, directed by David Farrier and Dylan Reeve. The film explores possible legal and ethical issues with certain individuals making the videos, and has itself been the subject of legal challenges.

It was funded on Kickstarter in June 2014, and also by the New Zealand Film Commission. The soundtrack features pieces from the music of Upstream Color by Shane Carruth.

David Farrier, a New Zealand "light entertainment" television reporter, sees videos online about an activity described as "competitive endurance tickling", in which young athletic men are restrained and tickled by each other; he begins to research it for a story. However, his inquiry to video producer Jane O'Brien Media elicits a hostile reply, focusing on his bisexuality and asserting that the sport is a "passionately and exclusively heterosexual athletic endurance activity". Farrier partners with television producer Dylan Reeve to learn more about tickling videos and the people who produce them.

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